Local Government "Embeded" into Power, Lukashenko

18.01.2011 10:13
Архив Редакция

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said on January 17 that at present the power system in the country was clearly built and structured. In particular, local governance and self-government are, in fact, clearly "embeded" in power, the head of state. In this regard, President Alexander Lukashenko said that any decisions to change management in the country should be taken with great caution. 

Discussing the draft decree on local governance and self-government with Deputy Chief of Staff Valeri Mitskevich, Alexander Lukashenko, offered to fully adjust the appointment and dismissal of heads of the executive committees at various levels with a single document. In general, the Head of State approved the draft decree, but gave instructions for its completion.

«I want to hear the concept of this document and its content part on order to be absolutely convinced of its necessity in a given form,» Alexander Lukashenko stressed.

In turn, Valeri Mitskevich said that the Law on Local Government had been passed in January last year, along with a number of provisions and regulations concerning the competence of leaders and representatives of local authorities. In this regard, the deputy head of presidential administration said that it’s necessary to consider the repeal of a number of legal acts, as there was no longer the necessity for manifold regulation.

Valeri Mitskevich also says that the new draft decree on the Local Government resolves a number of important issues, in particular, regulates the appointment and dismissal of the chairpersons in the executive committees of different levels. Also, a draft decree establishes the mechanism for allocating the number of employees of the local executive and administrative authorities. Valeri Mitskevich said that it wasn’t planned to change the number of officials, as the adjustments were possible within a set amount.