Lozovik Suggested the CEC would Deprive Statkevich of Registration

30.11.2010 12:59

Secretary of the Central Election Commission of Belarus Nikolai Lozovik, while reviewing the denial of registration of three presidential candidates on November 30, offered to warn Vital Rymasheuski and to deny Nikolai Statkevich in accreditation. Personality of Vladimir Niakliaeu was left out of consideration by the CEC spokesman in order "to keep him for future success."

The candidates are threatened by sanctions for organizing an unsanctioned meeting on Kastrychnitkaya Square in Minsk on November 24, 2010. Meanwhile, Nikolai Lozovik, personally attended the meeting, said he liked the event, «European Radio for Belarus» reports.

«The event appealed to me. Everything was held in a civilized way. Nobody pushed. Despite the fact the protesters claimed that the regime had brought Belarus to the edge, some of them disagreed and shouted «Long live Belarus!» («Long live Belarus!» — The motto of the Belarusian opposition — Telegraf).»