Lukashenko Approved a List of Departmental Inspectors

24.06.2010 10:33

President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, signed a decree "On departmental control in the Republic of Belarus" aimed at "further improvement of legislation to increase the effectiveness and importance of controlling activity in the country". It was reported in the press service of the head of state.

In particular, the document does not change the approaches, previously set forth in the decisions of the head of state, to the appointment and conduct of audits in the frames of departmental control. Realization of routine inspections can be still carried out not more than one time in two years, unscheduled inspection — only according to the demands of prosecutorial authorities and courts.

The decree also provides an exhaustive list of departmental supervisory bodies. Moreover, their responsibilities include not only inspections’ realization, but also a warning of law and fiscal discipline violations at the enterprises: monitoring, analysis, assessment; establishment of causations and prediction of factors, influencing the performance of subordinate organizations.

The document states that organizations, examined by departmental supervisory bodies, are exempt from the obligatory audit of trustworthiness of annual financial accountancy over the two reporting periods, beginning from the year, in which there was conducted the control of financial-economic activity within departmental control. But under the condition that its results not to reveal any law violations or such violations do not entail responsibility under administrative law.