Lukashenko: BCD Are Criminals

07.03.2011 11:13
Архив Редакция

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during his interview to the American newspaper The Washington Post said that the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" (BCD) was most likely to never be registered in Belarus. "They participated in the riots. They are not the Christian democrats, they are criminals", said the head of state.

Meanwhile, the press service of the BCD claimed that organization «calling people to take part in the protests, has always talked about a peaceful demonstration, and representatives of the BCD were doing their best to prevent the riots».
«Moreover, on December 19, 2010 the presidential candidate of the BCD and its co-chairman Vital Rymasheuski was actively calling citizens not to fall for provocations, tried to organize talks with the police and personally prevented provocators from beating  windows and doors of the Government House, as recorded by numerous videos from the square. Incidentally, for trying to stop the beating of the door glass of the Government House Rymasheuski was hit in his head», it said in the official statement of BCD.

Lukashenko: Khalip was released owing to her small son

The president also commented on the situation with the arrest of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov and his wife Iryna Khalip, whose three-year son was left without parents. «One must admit that the parent with children should think about his children and the consequences of his actions», he said.

«They were both arrested as the key-persons responsible for the riots organization. And only due to the fact that they have a small child, his mother was released (under home arrest — Telegraf)», said the head of state.

The president also said that the lawyers of several opposition politicians, who are under investigation in the case of the riots on December 19, were deprived licenses because of the violations of the law. Meanwhile, according to the president, allegations that the KGB jail inmates have no possibility to meet their lawyers, is a «blatant lie».

Lukashenko: U.S. ambassador to organize a «fifth column»

Furthermore, Alexander Lukashenko said that the American ambassador was deprived accreditation in 2008, as she had been organizing the «fifth column» in Belarus.

He also drew attention to the situation in Georgia, where «president Saakashvili more violently broke up a demonstration of the opposition». «But you still cooperate with him. Why? Because Saakashvili is your son of a bitch», the president said.