Lukashenko Congratulated the Orthodox on Christmas

06.01.2011 09:20
Архив Редакция

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko congratulated the Orthodox Christians of Belarus on Christmas on December 6, the press service of the State. "If we want a better life, first of all we must maintain spiritual strength and unity of our people, educate the youth on the basis of traditional values and ideals of the Belarusians," the message of the president.

«Only unity will make us strong, free, able to transform the world; the unity will become the basis for new achievements,» Putin said.

Alexander Lukashenko believes that Christmas does not only «bring joy and hope to people» but also «teaches to follow the moral commandments, to love one’s neighbor and do good deeds.»

«We re-discover the simple truth at Christmastime: there will be neither happiness nor the fullness of life if there is no agreement, trust and mutual support,» the president said.

«Let the holy Christmas always warm your families and help you be gentler to one another. Let the coming year bring new achievements, comfort, prosperity and mutual understanding to every home,» Alexander Lukashenko said in a congratulatory message.

The Orthodox Church, which uses the Julian calendar, celebrates Christmas on January 7 according to the Gregorian calendar. The festival is preceded by a 40-day fast, and a night ministry, the so-called all-night vigil, is held in the Orthodox churches on Christmas Eve.