13.04.2011 15:01

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has declared that the attack in Minsk subway on April 11, 2011, killing 12 people, was disclosed; its perpetrators were detained. The President has also noted that the arrested perpetrators of the terrorist act at "Kastrychnitskaya" subway station are also implicated in the bombings on Independence Day in Minsk on July 3, 2008, as well as an explosion in Vitsebsk in 2005.

«As I’ve been informed by the interrogators, the detainees have confessed not only of committing a terrorist act in the subway, but also of the acts of terrorism, committed on Independence Day in Minsk and in Vitsebsk,» said the Belarusian leader.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, it took all day for law enforcement authorities to figure out the criminals, «without leaving the cabinet, without noise, gunfire and fireworks,» reports Ale.by.

«At 5:00 the criminal case has been disclosed. Security officers needed 24 hours to detain terrorists at 21:00 (April 12) without noise, shots and fireworks. Today, at 5 a.m. they’ve given their testimony. We know who and how. So far we’ve not found out why. Thanks Cheka police. Analysts, investigators, experts have crafted a vast array of audio and video materials. And what’s of particular importance — figured out the criminals without leaving the cabinets,» the president of Belarus said during a live broadcasting on ONT TV channel.

«It is worthy of a civilized nation when people fight against complex crimes by means of their brains. For me, as president, it’s important,» said the President.

According to the Belarusian leader, the fact that perpetrators of terrorist acts were «ordinary people,» «turner and electrician,» indicates «how cruel the world is around us.» «Did no one even suspect? — Alexander Lukashenko bewildered. — I can’t believe it. These people always have abnormal deviations.»

Lukashenko Instructed to Interrogate Opposition Regarding Terrorist Attack

President of Belarus has tasked security forces to continue serving in the intensified mode in all directions and to interrogate the opposition with regard to the terrorist attack, as, in his words, they «were accusing almost everyone.»

«We are now looking for customers. They may be someone from the authorities. We’ll interrogate everyone from the fifth column under criminal investigation, without looking at the howling and moaning of the foreign compassionate. It was sacrilege from our European partners, so called, to discuss sanctions. This doesn’t refer to the opposition. But there will be no fifth column in the country. Laws are written for everyone. And, in the end, there are laws of morality and conscience,» the head of state.

«We must learn from this tragedy. It refers not only to the security forces, but also the vertical of power, ordinary people,» said President of Belarus.

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