Lukashenko Demanded to Reduce Petrol Price

09.06.2011 08:55

Morning, June 9, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has ordered to reduce the price of car fuel. This was stated by the Head of State at the meeting on current economic issues on June 8. "Let's come to an agreement: the fuel price won't be Br5.2-5.1 thousand tomorrow morning, but Br4.5 thousand maximum," he said.

«So you can go and declare to everybody: Br4.5 thousand is the maximum price I am paying for gasoline. We’ll calculate diesel fuel and cheaper gasoline — low-octane, based on this price as well,» said the President, BelTA informs.

«As for the rate of either Br5 thousand or Br4.5 thousand until January 1: if it is Br4.5 thousand — it will remain unchanged, if Br5 thousand — you will work on pricing adding 2-3% in each quarter by January 1, if needed, but not at 30%,» Alexander Lukashenko said, noting that they might have to «go back on prices» of other commodity groups.

As Telegraf previously reported, June 7, Belneftekhim raised fuel retail prices. The cost of diesel fuel was Br5.100 per liter, A92 gasoline — Br5.100 per liter, A95 — Br5.800 per liter, A80 — Br4.950 per liter. The average price of petroleum products, sold at gas stations, increased by 31%.

In response, there was a large-scale protest of motorists in Minsk on May 8, attended by about 1.6 thousand people.