Lukashenko Demands Security Assistance from Russia

22.11.2010 14:07

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko said on November 22 that Russia would help Belarus to ensure the security of the Union State. At the same time, accepting the report on the Plan of the regional grouping of troops (forces) of Belarus and Russia, the head of state stressed that "we have always been and will be together with the Russian Federation, no matter what disasters could happen."

«The plan of regional troops will be approved at the next Supreme State Council (SSC) of the Union State of Belarus and Russia. We will faithfully perform our duties to protect our common Fatherland, but we’ll be able to implement this only with the Russian support,» the President of Belarus stated.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, Russia needs to support Belarus in the sphere of armaments. «It’s not the case when we are sometimes offered to buy weapons at our own expense, and even on the market price, as they like to say. Of course, in this respect Russia is interested to keep the Belarusian army in good order,» the president said. «So one should help. I say it publicly, and I am not afraid to repeat it again anywhere,» the President stressed, BelTA informs.

Alexander Lukashenko also remarked that the grave decision to use Regional Grouping of Troops (RGT),  should be taken at the level of SSC. «I will sign no documents in working order. Pass it to the Defense Minister and the President of Russia. There is SSC; we’ll consider this plan when it ‘s held. I know that my Russian colleague has been considering this plan, they’ve agreed with him. Now we will consider it and adopt at the next SSC meeting. That will be correct. We have nothing to hide here, we are open to the world. I think Russia is also not going to hide anything,» President of Belarus said.

We  don’t Parasitize, but Defend Russia, Lukashenko

In addition, the head of state stressed that Belarus makes an enormous contribution to peace and security, providing not only its safety, «but brotherly Russia, and not just Russia.» «And this question is profitable for us, if you want an image one. That is another reason for us not to hide anything, Alexander Lukashenko said. — And since we’re considered as parasites. Society must know that we do not parasitize, but perform the most important function of protection, including the Russian state. That’s the truth. «

According to the president of Belarus, the national security is one of the most important functions of the Belarusian state. «Within this framework, we adopt effective measures to protect the balanced interests of the individual, society and state,which is provided by our concept. And, naturally, we have paid  and will be given the most serious attention to ensuring the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country,»Alexander Lukashenko said.

Head of State noted with regret that it’s restless in the world today, and the power remains a major means of resolving contradictions. «Therefore, the powder should be kept dry,» the Belarusian leader said.