Lukashenko Demands to Change Order of Forming Queue for Housing

25.03.2011 19:24
Архив Редакция

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko ordered to reconsider the order of forming a queue of those, requiring improvement of living conditions in Belarus. Such a task has been set by the head of state on March 25 during a report of Minsk Executive Committee in Minsk on the construction development prospects until 2015.

In particular, Alexander Lukashenko believes it unfair that today the queue comprises those who have no shelter, as well as those who are close to the norm of 15 square meters per person, BelTA informs.

As Minsk Mayor Nikolai Ladutko reported to Alexander Lukashenko, about 280 thousand people are currently on the waiting list in need of better housing conditions in the capital. However, about 60 thousand of them do not own any housing at all.

«Here we have to take drastic solution. And this is the matter not for government to solve but for the executive committee to proceed from its own budget and prospects and to determine the needed number of square meters per person,» said the president.

«We might have been wrong to decide on 15 meters, but it is unjust: a man has been standing in line for seven years and has nothing, while other people have 14, 13 or 10 square meters per person. There is difference,» added the President.

Alexander Lukashenko also instructed to discuss this matter with the government. «We’d better solve the line issue, otherwise we’ll have an infinitely great queue in Minsk,» said the President. At the same time, he recalled that such a situation with excessive demand for housing was typical only of Minsk; this problem was solved in voblast centers.

Lukashenko is Dissatisfied with «Minsk-City» Project

In addition, the President expressed his dissatisfaction with the rate of progress of the construction project of «Minsk-City» multifunctional complex. «The agreements should be consistently implemented,» said Alexander Lukashenko, subjecting the issue of «Minsk-City» construction redevelopment.

According to the president, «Minsk-City» has to be desirable for people. «But who would seek to live in concrete? We have to do neat and beautiful quarters, comfortable to live in,» he said.

Gravity Center of Housing Should be Removed from Minsk to Regions, Lukashenko

Also, according to the head of state, the gravity center of the housing should be removed to the regions, to prevent Minsk from overpopulation. «Labor force is going to jobs throughout the world, not vice versa. Minsk should not be overcrowded. The construction in the capital should be of a point character for the citizens to be comfortable in the city,» said the president.

«Everything must be subordinated to the interests of capital and the interests of the people who live here,» said the President. — We must focus on the fact that more than 1.8 million people should not live in Belarus. 1.8 million people — no more, while we have not yet got into the jungle. Even today it’s already hard to walk in Minsk, tomorrow — pollution with gases, crowds of people from all over the country, overpopulation of Minsk — that’s what we can see tomorrow,» said Alexander Lukashenko.

As Minsk Mayor Nikolai Ladutko reported to the head of state, about 170 thousand people have entered Minsk over the past 10 years. The capital contains about 2.2-2.3 million people, including students. Restrictions on forming the line for all in need of better housing conditions have been introduced since this year. Citizens, who have resided in the capital over the past five years, may join the line for housing. About 20 thousand people have joined the queue in 2010, and about 130 thousand people — from 2006 to 2011.

Alexander Lukashenko recalled the need for development of cities and working places there.