21.04.2011 16:02

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has said, responding to MPs' questions after the speech with an address to the people and Parliament, that the country is ready to resist the military aggression from outside, if needed. "There're not many willing to bomb us as they can get a hard response," said the President.

«We’re building our defense policy not to fight and attack, but to suddenly cause irreparable, unacceptable damage to the aggressor. We have a point from where we can strike such a blow. We have almost completed the modernization of the Army,» said the Belarusian leader.

«The world has changed, so have the potential aggressors. We’ll need to have a look at our military again. We have given up fronts and divisions but have created mobile units. And still we need something new. But I’ll no longer say that, because otherwise this will turn into the main theme of my address, which is actually not. Otherwise, they wil say tomorrow that the dictator is organizing the citadel,» said Alexander Lukashenko.

«We can’t abandon the defense. You see how the bandits from the air try to bomb. We must create a missile shield. We are constantly improving, adjusting to the situation that is created. And this is our profession; the Belarusians are good at mathematics, electronics. We’ve already known how to do and are constantly improving,» said President of Belarus.

«One won’t find it funny if gets here,» stressed Alexander Lukashenko.

«Recent incidents in Belarus, at «Kastrychnitskaya» subway station (act of terrorism in Minsk subway — Telegraf), prove that we are able to resist,» he said.

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