Lukashenko Hinders Belarus Freedom, Freedom House

08.06.2011 12:08

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, acting director of Freedom House, David Kramer is convinced that Belarus can become a truly free state only after incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko loses his power. According to the head of Freedom House, other measures to influence the situation in the country will not bring tangible results.

«The best way to change the situation is to deprive  Lukashenko of his power. So far, no change could help. He’s a dictator, responsible for serious human rights violations; there is a suspicion of his involvement in Minsk bombings, in addition, he creates threat to the Belarusians themselves, and maybe even to others,» said David Kramer.

The head of Freedom House believes that President Alexander Lukashenko is personally responsible for «economic collapse» of Belarus, and while the incumbent remains is in power, not only Belarus, but also its neighbors will suffer from economic problems, DELFI.

According to David Cramer, President Alexander Lukashenko fears of free, democratic elections, as they imply his loss of power.

As Telegraf previously reported, international human rights organization Freedom House has included Belarus in the annual list of «repressive societies around the world.» Belarus lacks one point, thus having failed to «reach» the last degree of negative evaluation in the Freedom House rating. In addition, Freedom House experts also listed Belarus in the top ten countries with the worst freedom of press.