21.04.2011 12:36

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has said in an address to the nation and the parliament that one should learn three lessons from the recent terrorist attack in the subway. "The first lesson of the attack is a lesson of vigilance, everyone should feel responsible for order and stability in the country ... We've underestimated the new threats, including terrorism," said the President.

«The second lesson is the unity of the people,» said Alexander Lukashenko. According to him, «we are all in the same boat.» The Belarusian leader has pointed out that citizens didn’t turned into a distraught crowd after the attack, but helped each other, carried the injured out of the subway.

The third lesson, according to Alexander Lukashenko — is what criminals and hackers, as well as enthusiasts to organize terrorist attacks and riots, should not find a place in our society. «They must answer for everything,» said President of Belarus.

We’re to Blame for Terror Attack, Lukashenko

«It’s not all. Above all, we, authorities, are to blame for this,» he stressed. «We became so much democratized on the eve of presidential elections that me and you felt like vomiting from this democracy. Let’s be honest, we were sick of it!» Alexander Lukashenko said.

«In our society there is a miserable minority, mentally unbalanced people. We can give a full democracy, but it will entail consequences,» warned the head of state.

«We’ve all created this atmosphere, including me, the fruits of which we’re reaping now. Our enemies have always enjoyed the situation. They claim that Lukashenko has ordered to clean up the political field. I don’t need it,» he stressed.

«I have not listened to my advisers, rigidly ordered law enforcement agencies to interrogate them and they pressed their tails. Everyone was put in order within days. We have themselves created this situation. We have been forced to it,» said the President.

«We have found no reason for this terror act- neither crime, nor bandits, nor politicians. We’ve got no reason to blame them. But we’re considering all versions. We need to know who was behind these people, if they were at all,» said the head of state .

«We are not against democracy and all forms of democracy, said Alexander Lukashenko. — We are against lawlessness, rampant crime, violating the principles of social and national justice.»

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