Lukashenko Liberalizes Rural Tourism

30.11.2010 11:44

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree № 614 on November 26, which introduced amendments and additions to the Decree № 372 "On measures to promote rural tourism in Belarus" of June 2, 2006. The decree simplifies doing business in this area. So, the number of rooms increases up to ten in rural estates (there used to be five rooms previously).

Also, according to the decree, the services in the field of rural tourism will be entitled to provide not only by physical persons but also by agricultural organizations, producing and (or) processing farming goods,with the sales revenue of above 50% of their total profits.

As it became known to Telegraf, the decree provides for «Belagroprombank» crediting of agroecotourism subjects for projects implementation in the field of rural tourism over 2010 — 2020 years to a total of 2 thousand basic units for up to five years (for individuals — up to seven years) with 5% interest rate payments per annum.

«Belagroprombank» provides compensation losses, associated with the provision of such loans annually since 2010, at the expense of funds, provided in the national budget for these purposes, amounting to half of the National Bank refinancing rate, set at the date of reimbursement, increased by one percentage point,» the presidential administration of Belarus.

The decree also extended duration of the decree № 372 of June 2, 2006 up to ten years.

884 business entities carried out activities in the field of rural tourism in Belarus in 2009. The number of tourists, used their services in 2009, amounted to about 70 thousand people, which is 1.8 times more than in 2008.