Lukashenko Promised to Reduce Soft Lending to Housing

15.06.2011 15:17

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said during his visit to the complex housing development area in Minsk neighborhood East that soft lending will remain in Belarus but with decreased volume. He also instructed to create a new soft-window facility for the population in six months, determining the category of citizens, qualifying for such loans.

Such categories, according to the head of state, will be large families and the military, but the amount of state support will also vary. Thus, the support to «families with three, four, five children» shall also be different, BelTA informs.

We should say openly that we cannot provide soft loans in such a volume. We cannot build housing for free, because under the current inflation, eating up everything for 20 years, a person actually gets a free apartment. Therefore, there will be no free housing in such amounts as it was yesterday. Not because it is the problem or something. We have paid too much, and in fact many people do not think that they should build a house, apartment and take care of the family. A person should think about it first and foremost and only then about support, assistance, etc.,» the president said.

According to him, «the situation has shown: mindless waste of money, including housing, leads to similar panicking.» «We cannot thoughtlessly waste money on either building, or agriculture — all the state programs,» said Alexander Lukashenko.

Lukashenko Ordered to Increase Volume of Construction Abroad

«We have to go abroad and build there, go to that million of construction services abroad, we once agreed. What are the deadlines? I do not want to say a year or two, but the minister must shortly report that a million (now 700 thousand square meters — Telegraf) is being built abroad, thus bringing currency to the country,» the president requested.

According to him, Belarus has a good opportunity to promote their construction services primarily in Russia. «We’ve got one good arm. There’s no lack of building materials there such as gravel, cement and others,» said Alexander Lukashenko.

He suggested an agreement on deliveries of scarce materials from Belarus in exchange for construction contractors. «They will be happy, especially the Russians would agree,» said Alexander Lukashenko.

Those, Paying 100% of Utility Services Should Work  Abroad, Lukashenko

The President instructed to take the most effective measures to prevent the outflow of construction personnel abroad.

«We shall say to these so-called «flyers» that we cannot forbid them to build somewhere abroad. You went to work abroad, thus bringing no money to the state. Ok, go. But be ready to pay 100 % of public services and 100% personal medical care, we do not touch children and family. If one neither bears a social burden nor helps the state, pay at least for communal and medical care,» stated Alexander Lukashenko.

He requested to start implementing his order in the second half of 2011. «Then he will think a thousand times whether to go or not. Make money — come and pay,» he said.