Lukashenko Raises the Number of the National Bank Board's Members up to 13

30.07.2010 15:47
Архив Редакция

Quantitative composition of the Board of Belarus' National Bank will be increased from 11 to 13 people. The relevant decree was signed on July 29, 2010 by the President Alexander Lukashenko. Furthermore, in accordance with the decree, the Vice-Chairmen of the National Bank from now are appointed and dismissed by agreement with the President of Belarus.

Earlier, vice-chairmen of the National Bank were appointed by the bank’s Board from its members by the chairman’s nomination. Now, Board’s members will not choose the deputy head of the bank. These authorities are given exclusively to the Board’s chairman, who will approve his deputies by agreement with the head of state.

As AFN informs, no state institution, which under current law must coordinate such changes in the charter of the National Bank, was against the expansion of authorities of the head of the National Bank and cutting those from collegiate body.