Lukashenko Сalled on Russia to Get Rid of "Lukashenko Syndrome"

19.03.2011 10:33
Архив Редакция

President of Belarus believes that there shouldn't be personal involvement in the development of integration processes within the Union State and the most sacred - the friendship and unity of the two peoples - shouldn't be effected as well. This was stated by the Head of State said at the meeting with the heads of several Russian media on March 18. "If you get rid of "Lukashenko syndrome," then we'll do something. No one can destroy the sacred - the unity of the people, and if someone tries - it will be bad," he said.

At the same time Alexander Lukashenko said: «We act as a single state, caring for everybody.»

In turn, Russian journalists touched upon the topic of the upcoming presidential elections in Russia next year. Alexander Lukashenko refused to speculate on this topic, BelTA informs.
«I know two of them and evaluate them objectively, said President of Belarus. — I think, despite the sharp situation in Russia, no one would deny that there is a possibility of an agreement. I am a supporter of their agreement.»

Neither Medvedev nor Putin Has Desire to Crush Belarus, Lukashenko

In addition, according to the president of Belarus, the Russian authorities has no desire to exploit the situation in Belarus, and thus crush the country.
«Right now, neither the president (the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev — Telegraf) nor the Prime Minister (Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of Russia) has intentions to make Belarus bow, Alexander Lukashenko said, recalling his recent meeting with Russian Prime Minister.

Belarus Subsidizes Every Citizen of Russia by Selling Products at Low Prices, Lukashenko
The President also says that Belarus is subsidizing every citizen of Russia by selling products at low prices. Alexander Lukashenko notes that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has often said that Russia is subsidizing the Belarusian economy by selling duty-free oil to the country.
«If the CES and the Customs Union do you harm — give it up. Yes, duty-free oil is a boon for us.» But he (Vladimir Putin) says one thing and forgets another — we are subsidizing every citizen of Russia by selling products, not just agricultural ones, at half the price for Russia. And this is neither $2 nor $4 billion, but $30 billion,» said Alexander Lukashenko.