Lukashenko Threatens Resignation to New Government

18.01.2011 16:31
Архив Редакция

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said at a meeting on the Belarusian economy on January 18 that the new government should not try to solve the existing problems "only at the expense of the population, as it used to be." "If public opinion, the position of the population, and public dissatisfaction with the government work become off-scale, the government members will resign. Without any  alternative positions offered," the head of state said. 

«Therefore, do your job, watch people’s reaction and remember that everything we do is for the people’ good. We do not need parts, tractors and cars without them being used for the welfare of the people,» Alexander Lukashenko said.

The President believes that «the Government’s plans are good only if they provide a dynamic development of the country.» According to the President, the Government must strive for continuous economic growth rate and the continuous dynamics, reports CTV.

In addition, Alexander Lukashenko stressed that the Government should not use high-interest-foreign loans for the development of the economy.

As Telegraf previously reported, the old government resigned after the presidential elections, as required by law. The Council of Ministers of Belarus, adopted a resolution on its resignation on December 27, 2010. President of Belarus began to form a new Council of Ministers on December 28. The head of state reshuffled the government and appointed the chairman of the National Academy of Sciences Mikhail Miasnikovich the new Prime Minister.