Lukashenko Wants to Make Himself Safe by Concealing Information on the Customs Union, Lahviniets

01.07.2010 12:30
Архив Редакция

Political analyst, Ales Lahviniets, commenting on the situation regarding the ratification of the Customs Code of the Customs Union, believes that by uncertain information, appeared in Belarusian mass media, concerning the closed session of the parliament, the President Alexander Lukashenko wants to "make himself safe and have a tram card just in case".

According to Ales Lahvinets, Belarus’ leader continues to bargain, not ruling out to join the Customs Union, while getting ready to get back at any moment. The longer he stays in the center of attention, the better for him on the eve of the election campaign, For Freedom (Za Svabodu) Movement representative believes, Belarus Partisan informs.

Asked why Minsk had organized news leak on the ratification of the Customs Union’s documents, what had been not reported about officially, the political scientist noted: «To be resounded and raise the rates». «In general, controlling mass media space, the regime is still not able to form public opinion in many cases. Moreover, he (the president) has got a certain mediums in Western and Russian mass media», Ales Lahviniets said.

The political scientist believes that «the regime is still able to «throw dust in the average Belarusian’s eyes». «In recent years, this is achieved through new, sometimes, correct assurances regarding the defense of national interests», For Freedom (Za Svabodu) Movement representative stated.

As Telegraf previously reported, in the evening of June 30, several sources in Belarusian and Russian leadership on condition of anonymity informed that both houses of Belarusian parliament had ratified the treaty on the Customs Code of the Customs Union.