11.04.2011 20:11

Head of State has given instructions to ensure the necessary security measures and to provide medical assistance to victims. Also, the meeting to investigate the tragedy should take place within hours.

As Telegraf previously reported, there was an explosion at the metro station «Kastrychnitskaya» in Minsk. «The reasons are unknown; rescuers have been sent to the scene,» told in the Minsk city administration of Emergency Ministry. According to witnesses, the station «Kastrychnitskaya» and «Kupalauskaya» covered with smoke. Bloody people are coming out of the subway. There are casualties. The subway constructions haven’t collapsed. According to the unconfirmed reports, the explosion killed three people. According to the Telegraf correspondent, the staffs of the ambulance and all the victims have been sent to city hospitals. Doctors couldn’t provide any specific information, including the number of victims. Firefighters, ambulance and police came to the scene. Minsk subway is completely closed.

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