Creation of Election Commissions is an Orgy of Lawlessness and Tyranny, Lebedko

03.11.2010 14:22

UCP leader Anatoly Lebedko consoders the process of formation of district election commissions in Minsk as an "orgy of lawlessness and tyranny." Roughly the same criteria and principles are the basis for formation of the commission anywhere in Somalia and Burma," the Belarusian politician stressed.

According to Anatoly Lebedko, 210 UCP representatives were nominated, but only 23 were included in the commissions, a third of them was in the closed sections, the UCP website.

«If Stanislav Bogdankevich (former Chairman of the National Bank of Belarus — Telegraf), Alexander Sosnov (former Minister of Labour of Belarus — Telegraf), Vassili Shlyndikov (creator of the machine-building concern «Amkodor», deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus of the 13th Convocation — Telegraf), Alexander Dobrovolsky (Belorussian political scientist and director of the Eastern School of Political Studies — Telegraf), Valentina Polevikova (former chairwoman of the Belarusian Party of Women «Nadzeya» — Telegraf) can not be a member of the election commission, you must excuse me. Leninski district stated that members of the action group Romanchuk (candidate for the presidency of the UCP Yaroslav Romanchuk — Telegraf) could’n work in the committees, and formed these commission entirely of supporters of Lukashenko (current President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko — Telegraf),» the UCP leader said.

«Such an approach is a mixture of dense legal ignorance and fear, which the authorities don’t even hesitate to put on public display. We intend to express our protest against the principle of formation of election commissions, and we declare that the government has failed this test completely,» Anatoly Lebedko said.

Opposition is Not Included in Election Commissions, Human Rights Defenders

In turn, Belarusian human rights activists point out that while forming of district election commissions, opposition representatives of many regions of Belarus were not included in their composition. Among these regions are Hrodna voblast, Mahileu, Shklou.

According to the observer from the public association «BPF» Boris
Buhelya, the basic reason for refusing was the lack of experience of
opposition in election commissions’ work. «But how can it be, if the
opposition has never been included in these committees?» Boris Buhelya
said, BelaPAN.

Total number of regional coalition of democratic forces in the election commissions of Leninski district of Mahileu was 79 representatives, and 31 people — in Kastrichnitski district.However, none of them was not included in the commissions. Representatives of the opposition intend to appeal to the court against the decision of administration of two districts of the voblast center.

Formation of election commissions in Hrodna voblast (a total of 40) took only seven minutes at a meeting of executive committee. 25 representatives of the national public association «Belaya Rus», 24 — the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, 37 — Belarusian Women’s Union, 101 members of government unions, the four nominees from the labor collectives and 280 persons, nominated by collecting signatures and submission, will work in the commissions of the area.

The district executive committee meeting in Shklou was held on November 3. According to the observer Mikhail Kucherenko, representatives of the alternative candidates and opposition political parties and public organizations were not included in the precinct election commissions. According to him, some members of opposition political forces intend to register as observers to the election commissions in Shklou district.

Mazyr precinct commissions included four opposition representatives. The meeting, which took place on November 2, was attended by an observer of the Human Rights Centre «Viasna» Vladimir Telepun. According to him, 1.275 people claimed for inclusion in the commission: 377 were nominated by submitting a request from citizens, 475 — from the workplaces, 423 — from political parties and public associations. A «working group,» having been created by the executive committee, considered candidates for.

«Neither the website of the Executive Committee, nor the local press has previously reported the origin of this structure. This «working group» has prepared a draft decision on the formation of district election commissions in Mazyr district. The document was prepared in advance, which made it available before the meeting,» Vladimir Telepun said.

Mazyr Election Commissions Included Four Opposition Representatives

In total, 81 Electoral Commission included 807 people, of which 226 were included by the statements of citizens, 301 — from the workplaces, 280 — from political parties and public associations. An opposition member of the «Fare World» and the three nominees from the UCP were included in the committee.

An opposition member of the BPF and two members of the party «Fare World» were included in Pinsk precinct election commissions, «European Radio for Belarus.» At the same time, the opposition parties had been nominating 19 of its representatives in electoral commissions of Pinsk. 69 local election commissions, including 875 people, were formed in Pinsk.