Makei Charged Ladutko to Save Minsk from Bureaucrats

29.06.2010 15:52

On June, 29th the head of the Office of the President of Belarus Vladimir Makei presented to the MPs a new mayor of Minsk Nikolai Ladutko who was an acting chairman of Minsk City Executive Committee earlier. The head of presidential administration also charged the new Minsk governor to save the city from bureaucracy.

«Bureaucracy, red tape, callousness to a person are still common thing in Minsk. An the head of the state has repeatedly paid attention to that’, Vladimir Makei said, AFN informs.

Speaking to the MPs, the head of Presidential Administration also noticed that there were many candidates for the post of the head of Minsk Executive Committee. According to Vladimir Makei, Nikolai Ladutko was the most prepared applicant for such work.

«Being for a year the acting chairman of Minsk City Executive Committee, Nikolai Ladutko managed to learn fully all the mayor duties in practice. Nikolai Ladutko knows every sore point of municipal economy, he is well guided in painful points of the city», Vladimir Makei said, having mentioned Nikolai Ladutko’s personal contribution to building of Minsk-Arena complex .

As Telegraf informed, Nikolai Ladutko, who was the acting chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee since June, 10th, 2009, was appointed a mayor on June, 25th.

On the given post Nikolai Ladutko replaced Mikhail Pavlov, the former head of the city administration, who died on June, 6th, 2010.