Members of "Revolutionary" Group in Social Networks Summoned to KGB

21.06.2011 16:39

Brest KGB summon local opposition and citizens engaged in the Internet community "Revolution through social networks." Finding their names on the list of the group members, KGB call them for questioning, demanding to leave the community and give up participating in the organized action, said regional coordinator of the organizing committee of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Dmitri Shurhay.

In particular, the KGB recently summoned BCD activist Artem Palashankin. Catherine Sledevskaya, a BCD member, was informed by telephone about her being shortly summoned to the KGB, reports the press service of the BCD.
«People are threatened with problems in education and at work for non-compliance with KGB orders, while young people — problems at their parents’ work. The authorities see that people have freed themselves from fear and are about to succumb to fear and panic themselves. So they are trying to stop the protest movement which is getting stronger,» said Dmitri Shurhay.

As Telegraf previously reported, inhabitants of regions supported the initiative of the «revolution in social networking» of a popular social network «VKontakte» and at 19:00 on Wednesday, June 15, went out onto the main squares of their cities. People peacefully protested against the Government’s policy of the country without any political demands, slogans or appeals. It is reported about dozens of detainees in different cities. The next such event is to be held on June 22.