08.04.2011 11:50

April 7, at the meeting in Strasbourg, the European Parliament failed to develop a unified position on measures to comply with international safety standards for projected and constructed NPP in Europe, including in Belarus and Russia. As a result, the final text of the resolution was rejected by a majority vote.

300 deputies were against the presented version of the resolution, 264 MPs were in favor of it, while 61 abstained. As noted in the European Parliament, it was the result of «contradictions among political groups.»

Meanwhile, resolution, considered by the MEPs, called for the European Commission in cooperation with the IAEA «to provide constructive pressure on Belarus and Russia, urging them to comply with international safety standards and cooperation with international experts at all stages of preparation, construction and operation of nuclear power plant.»

The call was initiated by the parliamentary group of «Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.» Project of new NPP development in Belarus and Kaliningrad region of Russia caused «big fears of the members of the political group about nuclear safety standards and compliance with relevant obligations under international conventions.»

Currently, the European Commission is developing criteria for stress tests to evaluate the NPP possibility — whether a plant will be able to withstand natural disaster or attack. This was reported by the EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger. A list of these criteria will be subsequently forwarded to the European Parliament with further promulgation by the end of May. According to the European Commissioner, stress tests should be conducted by regulatory authorities of the country, constructing the nuclear plant.

Deputies generally agreed on the need to conduct stress tests, however, some have criticized the Commission’s approach to their conduct — a voluntary and national basis, «Belarusian News.»

Thus, the representative of the Swedish liberals, Lena Ek, considers the proposed stress-tests as «a weak measure.» She is convinced that such tests should be conducted by «independent experts.» The representative of the German Green Party Rebecca Harms is of the sane opinion. She believes that the results of stress tests will arouse suspicion, if the authorities of the country itself are responsible for their conduct.

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