19.04.2011 16:24

Interior Ministry of Belarus is officially conducting checks on the fact of Minsk explosion on April 11. This was stated by Deputy Minister Eugeni Poluden on April 19. "It doesn't mean that only bodies of internal affairs are to blame. We'll inform you after the official check," he said to the press.

Also, MIA extraordinary operation «Arsenal» is held after the tragedy in Minsk metro. Staff departments have seized more than 200 units of unregistered weapons and 11 kilograms of explosives up to now. They have instituted about 50 criminal cases for the week, BelTA informs.

Eugeni Poluden has recalled that the voluntary surrender of weapons is not subject to criminal prosecution. However, the illegal manufacture, purchase or storage of firearms and explosives may entail up to 12 years imprisonment.

Subway to Be Equipped for Large Things Testing

The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs has said that the agency initiates the establishment of subway ray scanners to check big-sized things. Such scanners are installed at airports. Perhaps, transport facilities will also be equipped woth arch detectors of explosives and narcotics. This question is still to be discussed, however, passengers are likely to be let through such detectors selectively, and, what is more, specialists are needed for work with such equipment.

Eugeni Poluden has noted that a working group has been formed at the State Secretariat of the Belarusian Security Council to develop technical requirements for video surveillance and access mode. The group comprises representatives of various departments.

Deputy Interior Minister has remarked that the police will continue to operate in enhanced mode, including the subway, until the technical safety systems are improved.

In turn, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Alexander Shishko has informed that the security system was improved at transport facilities. So, 132 camcorders work at the railway station, as well as at the National Airport Minsk. In addition, a special center for monitoring has been organized at the Transport Inspectorate Ministry of Transport.

According to Alexander Shishko, all new stations and bus stations will be equipped with necessary equipment. With regard to the subway, which was built about 30 years ago, «a lot needs reconsidering.»

Subway Equipped with Old Camcorders

As explained by the director of the company «Metropolitan transportation and communication,» Valeri Shkuratov, operate surveillance systems are operating today in the subway, but not all cameras are in order. For example, «Autazavodskaya» subway line film colorful video, and its records are kept up to three days, while some stations of «Maskouskaya» line use analogue black and white video cameras. Visual equipment was expected to be replaced by 2013, however, it may happen sooner.

«One cannot just set various frame detectors and other equipment. Subway stations are designed for a certain bandwidth, and if this option is narrowed, there may be unintended consequences. Therefore, everything must be scrutinized and designed,» said Valeri Shkuratov.

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