Michalevic Ready to Testify against Lukashenko in Court

29.03.2011 11:24
Архив Редакция

Ex-presidential candidate Ales Michalevic, received political asylum in the Czech Republic, is ready to become a witness in court at the suit of the British firm H2O Law against the Belarusian leader, Alexander Lukashenko. "I will use all peaceful means. In addition, it's much more pleasant to be a witness than the accused," he said during the online conference.

«I think the authorities believe that I’ve left the country to sit quietly and say nothing. They are still hoping to negotiate in an amicable way. «We’re intelligent people,» they said many times to my mother during the searches,» the politician said, reports the Belarusian service of Radio «Liberty

According to Ales Michalevic, the Belarusian authorities try to make «fewer people learn about me (that is why Lukashenko does not mention my name in his speeches).» «I can say a commonplace: the more steps we take now, the sooner the future without Lukashenko will come. Although he is now also doing a lot of acts, making his outcome closer,» says ex-candidate.

According to Telegraf, leading UK law firm H2O Law is going to file a lawsuit against the president of the former Soviet republic, Alexander Lukashenko, as it has «proof of systematic torture in the KGB prisons.» The basis of this evidence is testimony of hundreds of activists, arrested after «the disputed presidential election.»

I don’t Consider my Activities as Political, Michalevic

The politician also said that he could not «think of a political career, while so many political prisoners are in jail and the new ones are added to them.» At the same time, he said that rumors of his «political death are greatly exaggerated.» «I’m not going to stop my activities, including raising the question of torture. I only consider such activities public, but I am sure that the government takes it as political,» said Ales Michalevic.

«I’m going to be engaged in very specific things, while our policy is associated with general conversation. I’m trying to make maximum use of international legal mechanisms to stop torture and to release political prisoners. I speak on TV, print materials in foreign editions. I meet with lawyers and diplomats, trying to coordinate their activities. I’m going to return as soon as there’s at least a minimum of favorable conditions,» said the former candidate.

I’ve Left with Old Passport, Michalevic

Politician has also told about how he left the territory of Belarus. According to him, he was not going to leave, but «made a decision about leaving under the newly discovered evidence, as they say in the language of the investigation.» «I have not noticed around the clock surveillance. I think the KGB has relied on the proven methods — tracking via mobile phones,» he said.

«I’ve left my cell phone in Minsk; a friend picked me up in his car. He has delivered me to Russia. Using my old passport, which I had once left in the passport office, since there remained a real visa, I arrived in Kiev. There I made a statement that I was in a «safe place.» Once received the visa, got on a plane and flew to Prague. So I really was at the airport in Kiev,» said Ales Michalevic.

According to Telegraf, Ales Michalevic, located in the status of a suspect in the «case on December 19,» left the territory of Belarus on March 13 and on March 17 he received political asylum in the Czech Republic.