Milinkevich Outbids People from the BCD, Severinets

08.06.2010 14:43

Co-Chairman of the organizing committee for the creation of Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD) Party, Pavel Severinets, said that "Za Svabodu" ("For Freedom") movement of Alexander Milinkevich outbids people from the initiative group of BCD co-chair, Vital Rymasheuski. "Members of the BCD are offered money to go across to Milinkevich's initiative group and gather signatures for his nomination for the presidency", the politician said.

Pavel Severinets reported that held on May 22 meeting of the leaders of «Za Svabodu» movement with BCD leaders in «four to four» format to find the understanding in the frames of Belarusian Independent Bloc (BNB) to unite the team found no response from «Za Svabodu» movement.

«In my opinion, instead negotiating with the BCD, the leadership of «Za Svabodu» movement decided to buy our activists at the local level. In the regions, they really call and offer money to our activists to make them work for Milinkevich», BCD co-chairman stated, informs.

Pavel Severinets noted that he had personally called the recruiters and warned them that «we are negotiating at the moment». «Until we’ll have not agree, let’s leave this issue» However, just three days ago, one of the activists informed that Milinkevich’s people offered him 100 dollars for collecting signatures. At the same time, saying that it should not become clear in the BCD», the politician said.

«We’ve begun to conduct our own investigation, and have found that such a scheme was implemented in other places», Pavel Severinets said. «And after that we have made a statement. And this week, the issue will be raised and discussed at a meeting of the BNB. If «Za Svabodu» movement declares that it was someone’s private initiative and they will no longer do that, then, thank God. If not …».

At the same time, Pavel Severinets noticed that the transfer of opposition activists to other structures is a normal process. But outbidding is not acceptable, he stressed. «Although the process itself is as old as the world. Even the Persians bought for gold coalition from the ancient Greeks. In life anything can happen, but it’s not fair. And in the BCD — there are ideological people. Can we negotiate with the movement of Milinkevich? It is possible if we see their desire to carry out the winning campaign. We do not want to work for a candidate who does not want to win», the BCD co-chairman summed up.