Milinkevich Refused to Call "Pro-Russian Candidates"

03.11.2010 11:47

The leader of the Movement "For Freedom" Aliaksander Milinkevich is sure that "pro-Russian" contenders are actively involved in the current presidential run. According to the politician, such potential candidates have an obvious danger for the economic independence of Belarus. However, Aliaksander Milinkevich refused to mention specific names of those, supported by Russia.

«It’s enough to listen to the rhetoric of candidates — it becomes clear then that not all of them pursue only the interests of Belarus,»  «Salidarnasts» quoted Aliaksander Milinkevich.

«We are the country, deeply dependent on Russian economy, a country with a lopsided foreign policy, completely dependent on Russian energy — all these things are known. I think an independent state begins with an economic independence, as much as it is possible in the modern world. And if you keep all as it is, or even build a nuclear power station with Russian help, our dependence will become total then,» Aliaksander Milinkevich said.

According to Telegraf, the leader of the Movement «For Freedom» stated previously that «pro-Russian» contenders were actively involved in the current presidential run. The opposition politician called them «secret service men». «After this campaign they will probably be charged with the mission of a pro-Russian political forces formation to prepare for parliamentary elections of 2012, to be semi-democratic due to external pressure and economic uncertainty,» Aliaksander Milinkevich said.