Ministry of Education doesn't Let Disabled Children to Junior "Eurovision"

17.11.2010 13:34

Mother of a child, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, complained on the official forum of Minsk city executive committee on November 12 that the Ministry of Education of Belarus had initially invited her son to the Junior "Eurovision", and then had changed its intention. According to the woman, the reason was that fact that her son is not wheelchair-bound.

«They decided that children should not only be disabled, but wheelchair-bound for sure!» That is, those who are «lucky» to move independently, with crutches, shaking, etc. — can not go on  a holiday! You see, they decided to put those children in wheelchairs between the rows — for TV to shoot! And just imagine — we’ve got no wheelchair! We, you know, move themselves, though with difficulty. «Eurovision» is not for us!» woman under the name Christian said indignantly.

In addition, the mother of a disabled boy reported that Ministry of Education had firstly offered disabled children to attend the dress rehearsal of «Eurovision» and then the authorities had «shifted all around». «Now you have to be at the «Eurovision Song Contest»  from 18:00 to its end- well after midnight,» the woman said.

«The child is now crying! Has he got many joys in life? Thanks clever officials for another showing off! Thank you from the bottom of the mother’s heart!» the woman said.

Ministry of Education Promised to Resolve the Situation with Disabled Children

The Ministry of Education, addressed by Telegraf journalist, promised to look into this situation. Adviser to the Minister of Media Relations and Public Viktor Ivchenko assured that all children, invited by the Ministry, would be necessarily taken into the «Eurovision». The boy’s mother was recommended by the officer to appeal directly to the Ministry of Education.