Minsk is Not the Whole Country, and we to Handle it, Lukashenko

20.06.2011 09:20

The country will soon overcome the crisis, promised President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the conclusion of his conference on June 17. "Although I'm a bit angry with people, but, nevertheless, they will soon say that we have not left in the lurch," said the President and wished optimism to all the Belarusians.

The main problems, according to the President, are concentrated in the capital. «Minsk is not the whole country. We can handle Minsk,» he said.

Addressing the journalists at a press conference, the President wished the women to deliver another child by the next meeting, and the men — to be always on top. «Fortunately or unfortunately, we have no other land,» said the President. He stressed that the important thing is that «our children are not bowing or kneeling.»