Minsk Students Want to Found Independent Trade Union

14.06.2010 14:23

The active workers of the youth trade-union group Studentskaya rada (Students' council) initiated foundation of the independent trade-union of the students. This proposal was voiced on June, 13th at conference for human rights, organised by the young active workers.

«We support foundation of independent students trade union. The majority of the students know nothing about the rights, and in many conflict situations they don’t know what to do», Aliaksandr Dzikan , one of the organizers of the conference, said, BelPAN informs.

The system of obligatory distribution of the graduates, whose education is sponsored by the state,  was one of the main issues discussed at the conference. According to the participants of conference students should unite to right. The participants of the conference consider that distribution after the high school graduation shouldn’t be organized only by the governing bodies of the universities. They consider, that students have the right to take part in these discussions as they concern students’ future.