Miсhalevic was Granted Political Asylum, Czech Interior Ministry

25.03.2011 00:28
Архив Редакция

Czech Republic has granted political asylum to former ex-presidential candidate Ales Miсhalevic. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic, Ales Miсhalevic, located in the status of a suspect on the case of December 19, received a political refugee status on Thursday, March 17.

However, the Czech Office hasn’t announced other details, reports seattlepi.com.

In turn, as Telegraf previously reported, Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg formerly said: «Mr. Miсhalevic has really asked for a visa, and we’ve fulfilled his request. According to information, received from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he also asked for asylum in Czech Republic.»

According to the politician, Ales Miсhalevic is likely to obtain asylum in the Czech Republic. «I am personally acquainted with Mr. Miсhalevic and I’m convinced that the Czech Republic should grant him asylum because it is consistent with our traditions. Mr. Miсhalevic proclaims the same values as we do, and I respect his courage,» said Karel Schwarzenberg.

Prior to this, March 16, it was reported that opposition leader of the Union «For modernization,» Ales Miсhalevic, who left the territory of Belarus on March 13, despite his being under house arrest on charges of organizing mass riots on December 19, was currently in Prague.

Meanwhile, March 17, his wife Milana Miсhalevic refuted online information that the family of oppositionist was about to leave for the Czech Republic. The woman stated of having neither desire nor intention to leave the country.