Moscow is to Blame for Deteriorating Relationship with Russia, Lukashenko

05.11.2010 11:48

Moscow is to blame for deteriorating relationship with Russia. Such an opinion was expressed by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in an interview with Polish media on November 4. According to him, Moscow offered Minsk cooperation in extremely unfavorable conditions, including proposals to buy major Belarusian enterprises dirt cheap. "It's just impossible," the president said.

Referring to the question of the journalists about the future of the Belarusian State, totally depending today on a single person, making all the decisions, Alexander Lukashenko said that, of course, he considered that a problem. According to him, there will always be a few strong political parties in the future, which one day will be able to rule the country, the newspaper Rzeczpospolita reports.

At the same time, the president of Belarus claimed of being not a dictator. «No, I am not a dictator. Go to any shop and buy an opposition newspaper. The true is that these are the dirtiest of the newspapers,» the head of state, reports

Also, referring to relations with Poland, Alexander Lukashenko said that Warsaw could and should have reduced the cost of visas for Belarusian citizens to make the border between the two countries open.

I’m Against the Separation of my Poles, Lukashenko

However, the Polish press was more interested in the questions concerning the relationship of Belarus and Poland, as well as activities of the informal Union of Poles in Belarus (UPB). «If you want to know my position in subject, I am categorically against the division of my Poles, my citizens into white and black, legal and illegal. If this group abides by our rules, it will be registered. I do not want the Poles to become a catalyst which destabilizes the situation in Belarus. I want to avoid this,» President said.

Alexander Lukashenko also noted that he would not obstruct the registration of the UPB. «Please, register by law — no one will object,» he said.

«If you talk about your organization, you must promise that, being engaged in cultural activities, they will never deal with politics. If they want to be engaged in politics, they must register as a political party,» the president said.

The President also promised to help in the question of the «Belarusian list» of Poles, victims of Stalinist repression, by opening the KGB archives. However, according to Alexander Lukashenko, most documents are now located in Moscow.