Kaliakin Named the Most Popular Ways of Rigging Elections

02.11.2010 13:02

Coordinator of the campaign "For fair elections in 2010", chairman of the Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World" Sergei Kaliakin examined ways of ballot rigging in the upcoming presidential elections in Belarus. According to an opposition politician, there are four most common variants.

«First, the ballot-box stuffing at the polling stations on a voting day, which is not so easy to do in the presence of many people. This fraud path is the easiest to prevent, taking a box under control,» Sergei Kaliakin said, «Tomorrow of your country

The second way, according to the leader of the «Left» is a ballot-box stuffing outside polling stations. «It requires using many people from counterfeiters. Boxes are not very large in volume, and even if the box is fully stuffed, this path can be controlled, and we shall do it by accompanying persons, engaged in house-to-house votes collecting outside the polling stations,» the politician said.

According to Sergei Kaliakin, the third option is the most popular with counterfeiters, which is stuffing ballot boxes during the early voting. «In this case, two factors trigger: stimulation of an early voting among certain categories of citizens — students, soldiers, enterprises’ employees where people are simply brought to the polling stations, and there is a substitution of ballots in the ballot boxes a day or two before the voting,» Sergei Kaliakin said.

«Today we have an eloquent confirmation of this method in the form of a statement of the police colonel Nikolai Kozlov, who recorded a similar fact at polling station № 43 of Staravilenski constituency № 105 in 2008 and filed an appropriate report to Chief of Internal Affairs of Minsk City Executive Committee. Two years have passed, but nobody takes any action,» the campaign coordinator added.

The fourth way of fraud, according to Sergei Kaliakin, is as follows. «This is when the chairman of the commission announces the results of the voting in advance without any registration and conformity with what really is in the ballot boxes. Two sets of ballots are produced. Some of them are stored in a separate room. And the rest — in fact — are piled up in a completely different place. And even the demand for a recount will do nothing in this case,» the «Fair World» leader says.

Coordinator of the Campaign «For Fair Elections 2010» emphasizes that knowledge of the rigging mechanisms will make taking adequate steps for their prevention.