Narodnaya Volya Got Third Notice Within a Year

02.06.2010 18:17

Within a year the Ministry of Information of Belarus gave the third notice to the editorial board of the newspaper Narodnaya Volya. The notice is given for infringement of item 4 of the law «About mass-media», which obliges mass-media to publish veridical information. The notice is relevant to the series of publications of "Njabyshyna. The war" by Illa Kopyl, which were published in the newspaper in March, 2010.

The Ministry of Information confirms, referring to the conclusion of the Institute of history of the National academy of sciences of Belarus, that some published  historical information does not correspond to the facts, the Belarusian association of journalists informs.

Besides, it is mentioned, that newspaper «spread false information, which discredited guerrilla movement in Belarus, actions of Red Army in the Great Patriotic War, became the reason of carrying out the pickets by citizens, and also of the new forms of demonstration of negative public reaction».

The notice was signed on May, 31st by the minister of the information Oleg Proleskovsky. In the document the minister refers to the mentioned in the «About mass-media» law the ministry right to give to the written notices to the editorial boards «in case of spreading false information , which can cause damage to the state or public interests».

In turn, the editor-in-chief of Narodnaya Volya Iosif Siaredzich declared, that he didn’t «care about it». «There is a freedom of speech for journalists and a freedom of speech for the authorities. Everyone in own way understands it and also everyone in own way operates according to the functions»,  the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty quotes the words of the editor-in-chief of the newspaper.

The newspaper got two previous notices in November and December last year.