Nasha Niva with an Article about Lukashenko Has Not Appeared for Sale

09.07.2010 11:43
Архив Редакция

One of the issues of Belarusian-language independent newspaper Nasha Niva did not appear in Belsouzpechat kiosks on July 7. In the 25th issue of the newspaper on the front page there published material, which describes the situation with the Customs Union, NTV story "The Godfather" ("Krestny Batska") and Belarusian authorities reaction.

«Usually NN is available for sale in Minsk on Wednesday in the afternoon, in regions — on Thursday morning. The newspaper appeared in kiosks neither on Wednesday nor on Thursday. Although on Wednesday, the newspaper was published at the press, at 08:00. And subscribers got it, as usual», reads the statement posted on the newspaper’s website.

In Belsouzpechat, the newspaper’s staff was told that they knew nothing and that the newspaper had been received at wholesale store.

Employees of Nasha Niva drove through different areas of the city and could convince themselves that there were no newspapers at kiosks. «All other newspapers were received, as usual, but there is no Nasha Niva for some reasons», kiosks’ workers said. However, in one of kiosks in Minsk Kuntsevshchina district, news vendor referred to authorities, reported that the issue would not be for sale.

«As of 19:30 yesterday (July 8), in Minsk we also found two kiosks in Nemiga area, where the newspaper was for sale and was completely sold. In other 32 kiosks the newspaper was not received», the newspaper staff reported.

The same situation was observed in Grodno, Gomel, Brest, Lida, Soligorsk, Borisov, Beloozersk. In Mogilev, the newspaper was found in one kiosk.

«Over past two years, there has been only one time, when the newspaper appeared for sale in regional centers on Friday, not on Thursday. And there has been no case, when the newspaper did not appear for sale in Minsk on Thursday», summed up in Nasha Niva editorial office.