National Bank Puts New Banknotes into Circulation

02.03.2011 15:23
Архив Редакция

March 15, 2011, the National Bank puts into circulation new 500-ruble banknotes, as well as the banknotes of denomination of Br1 thousand, Br10 thousand and Br20 thousand of the year of 2000 with modifications of 2011. As explained in the National Bank, the old banknotes will also remain in circulation. 

The National Bank said that the introduction of new banknotes was triggered by the need to «strengthen the security features, as well as to improve visual security elements.» New modified notes’ images, size and colors have been preserved.

The new banknote, instead of a transparent polymer thread with text «NBRB,» contains 2 millimeters metallized «security thread of a «dive» type with sites out onto the paper’s surface in the form of bright rectangles, forming the dotted line,» which looks like a solid dark line when to examine for transparency.

The modified bill, put into circulation, are legal tender of the Republic of Belarus, which must be accepted at nominal value without any restrictions.