National debt of Belarus Increased by 9.1% in January-February

31.03.2011 15:38
Архив Редакция

The national debt of Belarus has increased by 9.1% to Br41.811 trillion ($13.844 billion) for the first two months of 2011, having increased in February by 1.6%. Foreign debt in rubles increased by 10.5% (0.9% in February) to Br32.104 trillion ($10.7 billion) during this same period.

Volume of domestic debt has risen to Br9.707 trillion ($3.2 billion), an increase of 4.7% (4.3% in February), AFN.

The central government debt has increased by 9.5% for January-February and has amounted to Br33.412 trillion ($11.1 billion); the debt of economic entities, guaranteed by the government, amounted to Br8.399 trillion ($2.7 billion), having increaseв by 7.6%.