Neither I nor Party Decided to Participate in Elections, Kalyakin

21.07.2010 17:58
Архив Редакция

Sergei Kalyakin, Chairman of the Belarusian United Left Party "Fair World", said that neither he nor the party had decided yet to participate in presidential elections. "Until such a decision is taken, any decision can be taken. It is unlikely that the party will not participate in the presidential campaign but that is possible", Sergei Kalyakin said.

However, the politician has no mind on convocation of an extraordinary session of the House of Representatives on September, 7th, the Belarusian partisan reports.

«It can be decided whatever is possible. They may decide on a presidential election and may not. The House of Representatives is not an independent body. It will enact whatever is said. However, no one knows so far what decision to take», Sergei Kalyakin said.
«Early presidential elections has more disadvantages than advantages. First, the campaign will be held in warm conditions, the students return from summer holidays, that is, the atmosphere for the campaign will be favorable. Second, the authorities did not fulfill the basic promises to the voters. In particular, there is no salary promised at a rate of 500 dollars. In December, when they add the 13th salary to the salary, when they overcome somehow inflation, then they can get some chances. And in general, when it will be explained to the people? Why do they hold early election in the country where everything is stable?», the «Fair World» leader said.