New Edition of Driving Regulations Comes into Force in Belarus

04.01.2011 12:07
Архив Редакция

A new edition of traffic rules comes into force in Belarus, on January 4, traffic police informs. Changes in driving regulations were introduced by the decree № 661 of November 25, 2010. As reported in the traffic police, the amendments were needed, in particular, to bring the rules into compliance with several regulations.

It mainly concerns the possibility of passing in an accident, the damage of which does not exceed €200. In this case, some other requirements must be met as well. Also the concept of leaving the scene of a traffic accident is now disclosed under the new driving regulations.

The new document expands the requirements for road users, who are not drivers. It is specified now that a passenger, the accident’s participant, now should also provide first aid.

In addition, new edition of traffic rules points out to the documents, besides the driver’s licenses of international standard, are needed for a foreign driver. This change is due to the fact that new requirements for driving license for the member-countries of the Convention on Road Traffic of 1968 will come into force in March 2011, BelTA informs.

The important innovation regards violations of parking regulations. Now the traffic police will be able to block the wheels of trucks, weighing over 3.5 tonnes, as well as buses, wheeled tractors and self-propelled machines. A special technical means will be used for this purpose. It is assumed that the windshield of the blocked vehicle will be marked with a special notification. The traffic police is most likely to block the front left wheel.

The problem of parking in the wrong places is rather acute in large cities of Belarus, especially in Minsk. Road services have been confronted with greater difficulties in clearing roads of snow due to the parking of oversized vehicles on the road side. There were often such cases when truck drivers had been leaving their truck in the courtyards for a while, thus impeding the movement of other vehicles.

A new edition of driving regulations also specifies the procedure for unloading goods to stores from vehicles. If earlier trucks and vans were allowed driving up to the outlets on the pedestrian zone, they can be stopped now.