New Round of Information War: Russian TV Channels' Response to Belarus — Video

29.06.2011 14:44

Russian television networks responded to the story of the Belarusian TV, where some Belarusian analysts severely criticized the Russian leadership, as well as the Russian media on the eve of the Great Patriotic War, and actually accused Russia of organizing the revolution in social networks. Thus, Russia's First Channel called the story of the Belarusian TV a blatant lie, while NTV channel in the program "Emergency Event" continued its series "Batska" with another story "about the collapse of socialism in Belarus."

Recall that June 26, the analytical program of the Belarusian TV «In Focus of Attention» placed special emphasis on the fact that an unauthorized protest rally, taken place in all regions of Belarus on June 22, was launched in Russia’s social network and plugged on the Russian Internet sites and the Russian media.

According to the Belarusian TV, this incident involves an «oligarchic Russia,» which «tries to use the difficult economic situation in Belarus to buy cheap property.» The Russian federal TV channels, instead of covering memorable events of the Great Patriotic War, chose to highlight the action of the Internet community activists «Revolution through social networks,» noted in the program of the Belarusian television.

After this story June 28 press-secretary of the Russian President Natalya Timakova, said that the Kremlin wouldn’t comment on criticisms of the Belarusian TV against the leadership of Russia.

NTV Speaks on «Belorussian «Miracle»

The authors of the program «Emergency Event» described Tuesday night, June 28, on NTV channel why salt, cigarettes, and buckwheat had run out «on an island of socialism,» as well as where to get the money if it’s no longer left in the country.

Continuation of the story:

Earlier, in 2010, NTV showed the four series of the movie «Batska» exposing President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. The first series of the film was broadcast in July 2010 and the fourth — under the title «Last Fall» — in October last year, two months before the presidential election of December 19.

Belarusian TV Colleagues Call Hard Names, First TV Channel

In turn, host of the evening newscasts of Russia’s First Channel of June 28, which was missing on the Belarusian air, said that the colleagues of the Belarusian state television pulled no punches, describing who and how celebrated the memorial day on June 22.

Correspondent of the Russian First Channel in Belarus Dmitry Novozhilov told about the lies of the Belarusian TV. According to him, two crews of the First Channel were working in Brest at onу time. The first one worked directly in the fortress, filming all the activities — the reconstruction of the last night of peace and the attack as well as the meeting-requiem.

The second crew (Dmitry Novozhilov’s one) was filming Brest action of silent solidarity as they lacked time to come to Minsk.

As Telegraf previously reported, along with the new information war, Belarus was left without Russia’s electricity on June 29. Russian Inter RAO has shut down the electricity supply to Belarus over the unpaid RUB600 million of debt.

However, as stated by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin on June 28, the suspension of electricity supply in Belarus shouldn’t be linked with politics. «There’s no political agenda, the work is being implemented at the corporate level <…> It’s a matter of interaction between the two companies,» said Igor Sechin.