Niakliaeu Put Europe in Uncomfortable Position, Pazniak

04.11.2010 13:32

Leader of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Zianon Pazniak thanked the leader of the campaign "Tell the truth!" Vladimir Niakliaeu for his appeal to the foreign ministers of Poland and Germany. The politician's request to guarantee the safe return of political exiles in Belarus, according to Zianon Pazniak, "put Europe in an uncomfortable position."

«» Europe» has just been talking with Moscow with the understanding and has come to inform Lukashenko: there’s a single condition — if you hold nice and democratic elections, we’ll accept and forgive you, and will give a lot (€3 billion, or even more). He will hold not only «democratic», but elegant elections for €3 billion (be sure), «because you want so,» as the «ruler» told them,» Zianon Pazniak said.

«And everything goes like clockwork. Ten potential presidents are already prancing in the electoral racetrack. There’s only «democracy» and an interview around. Signatures for all the contenders have been collected by all the Belarusian people at the call of Lukashenko (so he says). And amid this pleasant moment Niakliaeu offers to return Pazniak with its boycott to all their comedy,» Belarusian service of Radio «Liberty» quoted opposition politician.

The BPF leader believes that Europe «won’t give Mr Niakliaeu the role of Mr Milinkevich (leader of the Movement «For Freedom» Aliaksander Milinkevich — Telegraf) in this situation.»However, he seemed to aspire for it. But Mr Sannikov (leader of the campaign «European Belarus» Andrei Sannikov — Telegraf) will be glad. Moreover, the interest for the votes in their support will be determined by the one, who will hold «democratic» elections for the promised amount. This is what Realpolitik is,» the politician said.

Zianon Pazniak is convinced that the fight with the current political situation in Belarus can only be a boycott, which is «non-recognition of all of this obscenity, consolidation of public alternatives.»

«Seriously speaking, I am sincerely grateful to Vladimir Niakliaeu. He’s the first in the policy to have raised the question of political guarantees of my return over 14 and a half of difficult years. Everything is maturing, brothers, and victory is ahead,» Zianon Pazniak said.