Niakliaeu's Wife Complained to KGB, Ministry of Justice, Prosecutor's Office and Court

17.01.2011 11:45
Архив Редакция

Wife of ex-presidential candidate Vladimir Niakliaeu complained in written form to the head of the KGB, the Minister of Justice, the prosecutor's office of Minsk and Minsk city court on January 15 demanding the full right of his husband to protection, as politician's lawyers are simply unable to meet with him and discuss relevant issues. 

According to lawyer Roman Kisliak, consulting Olga Niakliaeva, they could see and talk with the former presidential candidate only during his interrogation as a suspect, as well as when being charged. However, even then they were not provided the opportunity to speak with the politician in private, BelaPAN.

Roman Kisliak informed that Olga Nekliaeva had indicated her husband’s rights violation under subparagraph 3b. Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in her complaints. The Article states that «everyone, being incriminated, has the right to the following minimum guarantees: to have adequate time and facilities to prepare one’s defense with the defender, chosen personally.»

«According to Olga Niakliaeva, KGB are carrying out various investigations and collecting evidence, while the defenders of her husband can not fully prepare and show evidence of his innocence, as they are completely devoid of the possibility to hold confidential meetings with his client,» noted the lawyer.

Wife of Vladimir Niakliaeu requires recognition of the violated politician’s rights to confidentially communicate with defenders and prepare his defense, as well as to take immediate steps to restore his right of defense.

«An important part of building the defense in a criminal case is to determine the position on the case and build security strategy. That can be done only in a confidential dialogue with the client. In itself, the appointment of a defender without the possibility to implement all his functions is not a sign of respect for the right to protection. Lawyers should be able to meet with his client without a limit to the number of such meetings and their duration,» Roman Kisliak said.

As Telegraf previously reported, Vladimir Niakliaeu is charged in a criminal case on the organization and involvement in riots in Minsk on December 19. Four other former presidential candidates: Ales Michalevic, Vital Rymasheuski, Andrei Sannikov and Nikolai Statkevich — are among the other rally participants with a similar accusation. According to Human Rights Center «Viasna», 31 people have been accused in total, there are another 17 suspects in the «case of December 19».