No Devaluation to Be 100% in Belarus, National Bank

10.11.2010 11:48

Press secretary of the National Bank Anatoli Drozdov, commenting on the depreciation of the ruble, said that the devaluation wouldn't take place in 2010. "What is happening now with the Belarusian ruble is an absolutely normal economic situation. Belarusian ruble exchange rate fluctuates within the corridor, which has been announced in advance. And there's 100% of certainty for the ruble not to leave this corridor in 2010," he said.

The margin of the ruble fluctuations against a currency basket in 2010 is equal to 10%. However, the National Bank has been seeking to keep the ruble fluctuations within 2% of the beginning of the year. Nevertheless, last week the currency basket rose by 1.15% against the ruble, exceeding the 4.56% level of December 31, 2009. The euro exchange rate rose by 2.9% to another record high — Br4.291 to 1€; the dollar and Russian ruble rates rose by 0.3% up.

Therefore, Russian experts suggested that the National Bank had thus proceeded to the devaluation of the ruble against a currency basket at a faster pace than previously,

«Yes, I saw this information on Russian websites. However, I’m confident that the Russian portals face difficulties in intimidating Belarusians. But facts can be interpreted in different ways,» Anatoli Drozdov said.