No More Plans for a Single Opposition Candidate, Romanchuk

17.11.2010 15:23

Candidate for the presidency of the United Civil Party Yaroslav Romanchuk said that the draft for a single opposition candidate nomination had already been closed. According to the politician, it makes no sense to discuss the project after the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has contributed to falsification of signatures."

«Moreover, I have sent proposals to all candidates to develop a unified program to talk over the same points with their potential voters. This is a kind of attempt to speak with one voice, but with  eight heads. If colleagues deem it necessary, I will provide a single universal program,» Yaroslav Romanchuk said.

According to the politician, transparent ballot boxes, as well as ban on the existing format of early voting will ensure the holding of elections in accordance with democratic standards, the «Belarusian partisans» reports.

«Only the sick and those on mission should be entitled to vote in advance. If you cancel the existing form of early voting, the number of people, who really need to vote ahead of time, will be reduced to 1%,» a potential candidate noted.

In addition, according to Yaroslav Romanchuk, it is necessary to organize an independent election monitoring. «We need to give access of the democratic forces to television, so they can deliver their election platform to the voters,» the politician stressed.

Yaroslav Romanchuk believes that the attitude of the European Union to the current presidential elections in Belarus will become clear after the final formation of electoral commissions and registration of candidates. «One could still believe in democratic elections, while signatures were being collected, but the stage of forming committees shows that the election won’t be democratic and free. It’s like an image of a person who is crucified with hundreds of nails; the authorities have removed only ten nails, leaving ninety untouched. Is the person less crucified then — it’s a rhetorical question,» the potential candidate noted.