Official Dollar Exchange Rate Fell by 4 Br in Belarus — Video

11.04.2011 13:37

According to the National Bank of Belarus, the official dollar rate amounted to Br3.046 on Tuesday, April 12. Thus, the official dollar rate fell by 4Br. In turn, the euro hit new records. According to the National Bank, official rate of the euro will be Br4.406 on April 12.

However, the current rush for foreign currency is not abating. Those who want to buy foreign currency guard the exchange  offices. The video shows the opening of the mall «Crown» in Minsk there several exchange offices are situated.

The opening of a currency exchange  office in the mall «Crown»

As Telegraf previously reported, the National Bank of the country obliged banks to buy and sell foreign currency cash to the population. The National Bank sent a corresponding letter to the banks of the country on April 8. «Currently, a number of exchange offices of the authorized banks only purchase foreign currency from individuals without its further sale,» the document says.