Oil Contract with Russia — Advantageous for Belarus, Belneftekhim

28.01.2011 14:49
Архив Редакция

Belneftekhim Board said that the contracts to supply Russian oil to Belarus, signed in Moscow on January 25, are mutually beneficial. This was reported by the Press Secretary of the Concern Marina Kostiuchenko. According to her, both sides concluded treaties under mutual concessions. 

Marina Kostiuchenko said that talks were delayed owing to  Russia’s suggestion of oil supplies on terms unsuitable for Belarus. Russia was ready to supply 50% of the specified volume as the tolling of Russian companies for processing at Belarusian refineries, and another 50% as the oil purchase by the Belarusian refineries, BelTA informs.

«Concessions, made by the oil companies of Russia, consist in the ability of the Belarusian oil refineries to purchase all the raw materials in 2011 themselves and to freely dispose of the produced oil afterwards,» said Marina Kostiuchenko.

According to Belneftekhim Press Secretary, the Belarusian side made concessions in the pricing issue. However, Marina Kostiuchenko noted that the initial price offer of the Russian oil suppliers were much higher than the price, embedded in the signed contracts.

«In general, according to the preliminary calculations, this year’s conditions of oil supply are much better than the ones in 2010 and allow using Belarusian enterprises’ power more efficiently,» Belneftekhim Press Secretary.

As Telegraf previously reported, Belneftekhim Board completed negotiations with Russian suppliers on oil deliveries to Belarus on January 25. According to the signed contract, Russian crude oil will flow to Belarus in January at the up-lift price of $6.3 per barrel, or $46 per ton of oil.