Opposition Refused from March and Rally on Dzien Voli

22.03.2011 09:56
Архив Редакция

The organizing committee for holding Dzen Voli on March 21 has decided at its regular meeting to abandon the rally at Bangalore Square, previously allowed by the Minsk city executive committee. Moreover, the BPF chairman Aleksei Yanukevich said that the march from Yakub Kolas Square to Yanka Kupala park, previously planned by the organizing committee, will not be conducted as well.

Instead, Dzen Voli, which is to be held on March 25, will offer all the supporters of the holiday to come to the monument to Yanka Kupala and lay flowers, BelaPAN.

«The decision has been adopted almost unanimously. We’ve decided not to conduct activities in a format, the authorities are ready for, and, therefore, we’ve offered another option. There were also other initiatives, but we’ve chosen this variant,» said Aleksei Yanukevich.

In addition, the BPF head has also reported that the organizing committee will apply to court on March 22 to appeal against the refusal of the Minsk city executive committee to hold a march from Yakub Kolas Square to Yanka Kupala Park.

«Young Front» Calls to Come to Yakub Kolas Square

Meanwhile, Deputy head of organization «Young Front» (Czech Republic), Nikolai Demidenko, said that, despite the fact that «Young Front» representatives were not present at the meeting of the organizing committee for Dzen Voli, the organization is not to abandon its plans, reports «Nasha Niva.»

«Young Front» will continue encouraging people to gather at 18:00 on Yakub Kolas Square in order to march to Yanka Kupala Park. Our decision remains unchanged,» said Nikolai Demidenko.

As Telegraf previously reported, March 18, Minsk City Executive Committee refused to hold the planned opposition march and rally on Dzen Voli on March 25, allowing only the holding from of a meeting from 18:00 to 20:00 in the park of Friendship of Peoples on ​​Bangalore Square. Meanwhile, opposition was planning to gather protesters at 18:00-18:30 on Yakub Kolas Square. Then, march should be held along Independence Avenue to Yanka Kupala park, where a meeting was scheduled for 20:30-21:00.