Over Six Months Housing Commissioning in Belarus Increase by 5.2%, Belstat

14.07.2010 16:32
Архив Редакция

Over six months of 2010, in Belarus there were put into operation 3.24 million square meters of housing, exceeding the same period of 2009 by 5.2%. To construct residential buildings there were used 5.5 trillion rubles of investments (25.9% of total volume). This is evidenced by the data of the National Statistic Committee.

For citizens, who need better housing conditions, there put into operation 2.15 million square meters of housing, of which 1.62 million square meters — in tenement houses in urban areas.

In rural settlements, in the first half of 2010, there was put into operation 823.7 thousand square meters of housing, what is 25.4% of the total commissioning for the Republic (29% last year), BelTA informs.

To construct facilities of engineering and transport infrastructure to the areas of apartment block there were spent 831.5 billion rubles of investments (51.1% of funds, provided for this year).

In addition, according to Belstat data, in Brest region, in the first half of 2010 there were built 576 thousand square meters of housing (52.4% of provided plan), Vitebsk region — 324.2 thousand square meters (45%), Gomel region — 489.1 thousand square meters (50.9%), Grodno region — 438.3 thousand square meters (51%), Minsk region- 583.8 thousand square meters (43.9%), Mogilev region — 396.5 thousand square meters and in Minsk — 440.7 thousand square meters (36.7%).