Parliament Not to Investigate into "Pinskdrev" Explosion

03.11.2010 12:18

The Parliament of Belarus has no plans to create a separate commission to investigate into "Pinskdrev"  explosion. This was reported by the deputy of Pinsk city election district № 14, deputy chairman of the Standing Committee of the House of Representatives of labor, social security, veterans and disabled Zinaida Mandrouskaya.

«Professionals, to eventually explain the whole incident, have been working from the first day at the scene. According to the preliminary version, this tragedy has occurred in connection with the combination of circumstances: first, human factors and the risk of timber production,» the deputy explained.

According to Zinaida Mandrouskaya, the company’s management, where the tragedy occurred, is providing today the necessary material and moral assistance to the victims, trying to remove the stressful situation, having arisen at the plant, and simultaneously restoring production.

«It may be premature on my part, but the state is preparing a presidential decree on the total payout of Br50 million to victims, and at least Br100 million to the families of those killed. These are serious sums, which, although in a small proportion, will probably help the families of the victims,» Zinaida Mandrouskaya said.

Parliament Shouldn’t Examine Pinsk Situation, MP

MP of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Gennadi Davydko also believes that the Belarusian parliament shouldn’t examine the case of «Pinskdrev» explosion. «Why the Belarusian Parliament should monitor this situation? There’s a deputy from this district, who shall try to examine this situation on behalf of the people and his constituency. And Why  is the Belarusian parliament to touch?» quoted the deputy.

«Emergency Ministry has unlimited power. For example, the enterprise has no money, and they always insist on application of innovation. And the company, instead of investigating, is forced to engage in the purchase of imported counters, sensors, and other fire protection materials,» Gennadi Davydko said.

«Pinskdrev» Announced a Tribulation Period till January 2011

As it became known to Telegraf, «Pinskdrev» Holding Company» leadership declared mourning officially. The company canceled all cultural and entertainment events, including the celebration of 130th anniversary of the holding. The mourning will last until January 1, 2011.

«Management of «Pinskdrev» Holding Company» thanks sincerely all those who are not indifferent to the tragedy, taken place at «Pinskdrev» on October 25. Condolences from various organizations and simply those, not indifferent to the distress of people, are sent daily to the company. All of them can be read in the condolence book, which is located in the administrative building of the holding at the address 1 I. Chuklaya str. Anyone can come here and express his sympathy for the dead in the accident,» the company said.