Part of Dzierzynski Avenue to be Closed Soon Because of Underground Building in Minsk

08.06.2010 15:59

Another one part of Dzierzynski Avenue would be closed because of building of the first line of the Minsk underground building, Pavel Tsarun, manager of the building department of Minsk underground, said. "It's planned to start in the second half of the year building of the site from the station "Piatrouscyna" to the to station "Malinauka" with deadlocks in the extent of 1,8 kilometres", Pavel Tsarun said.

According to the manager of the building department of Minsk underground, it is required to close a part of Dzierzynski Avenue from Kasmanautau Street to the Minsk ring highway while building the given site, «Minsks-news» inform.

A twin street towards residential area Brylievicy would be constructed parallel to the avenue, Pavel Tsarun said.

The representative of the Minsk underground informed also that spadework is being conducted now, i.e. engineering networks are being shifted to organize temporary detour of transport.